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Interested in building security? We are constantly looking for new employees for a variety of positions with different skills and backgrounds in our well-paid and rewarding working environment, if you feel you are the person we are looking for, fill in the open application below and tell us about your skills – you might be just the person we are looking for and we will contact you as soon as a suitable position becomes available in the Taloturva Group!

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Some tips for writing a good job application

Submitting an open application helps you to apply for several jobs from the same company at the same time. Submitting an open application saves time for both the applicant and the recruiter. However, making an open application is different from making an application for a specific job. However, with a little preparation, you can make an open application very attractive, giving you a better chance of getting the job of your dreams. Find out the best tips for writing a quality job application in this article!

How to create an attractive and professional open application

A good open job application should briefly and concisely explain the applicant’s basic information, work experience, education and strengths. As recruitment agencies and company representatives will most likely have to go through dozens or even hundreds of applications, it is important that your application is able to succinctly convey everything you need to know.

1. Be clear

Even if an open application is not aimed at a specific job, it is worth clearly stating in your application the specific jobs you are interested in or have previous experience in. On the open application form, feel free to write down what kind of jobs you are looking for and why this type of job would suit you because of your background or strengths.

2. Let your personality shine through

As recruiters process many applications at the same time, the ones that stand out most are those that showcase the applicant’s personality. While it’s good to maintain a certain professionalism in your application, it’s best to write the text in a way that you could imagine coming out of your own mouth. In addition, if you get an invitation to a job interview, it will be easier for you to relax in the interview by being yourself, because you already brought your personality out through an open application.

3. Use concrete examples

To make the most of open application status, give the recruiter concrete examples of what you have done in the past. Even if an open application is not targeted at a specific job, mentioning specific job descriptions can also help the recruiter assess whether you would be a good candidate for a job in their company. So it is not necessarily worth mentioning everything possible between earth and heaven.

4. Ask for help

It’s a good idea to ask a friend or family member for help in making an open application. When you give your application to an outsider to read, you can get good advice both on how to improve it and on the strengths of your application. Ask someone close to you to read the application through the eyes of the recruiter, which will help them to see the general picture your application gives.

5. Focus on your business goals

While it is definitely worth mentioning your career goals, it is worth writing an open application with the company in mind. In your open application, you should therefore state why you are interested in this particular company – why you want to work for them.

6. Stay patient

The downside of sending an open application is, of course, that it is very difficult for the applicant to know when the company will hear back. Whereas in the case of a job application for a specific vacancy, you will be notified of the interview within a certain timeframe (or if you have not been selected), in the case of an open application, you may be contacted by a recruiter up to months later.

This is why you should be patient with an open application, as the fact that you have not been contacted by a recruiter may simply mean that the company does not have any vacancies matching your profile at the moment. This is why it’s important to invest in a personal application, because if vacancies open up later, a personal application will help the recruiter to keep you in mind for the future.

And if you don’t hear from the company for a long time, you might as well contact them yourself. Contacting the company yourself shows interest in the company and can even improve your own chances of finding a job.

An open application is a good opportunity to improve your job search skills

Looking for a job is a skill and it is important to put effort into your application, as a bad application can lead to a candidate who is perfect for the job not getting it. It’s worth bearing in mind that the application is often the only thing the recruiter knows about the candidate. If the application is incomplete or poor, it is impossible for the recruiter to know the real potential of the candidate because there is no time to go through all the applications and interview them in person.

An open application should be taken as a positive challenge to your job search. By submitting an open application, you will learn to summarise your background and strengths, showcase your personality and use your creativity. Some estimates suggest that up to 80% of jobs are filled without being advertised – so the opportunities are many!

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Good working atmosphere

With home security, the flap flies and everyone is encouraged. Often, our good atmosphere is already noticed in the job interview. We have been top-ranked in Great Place to Work® surveys for three years.

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Recreational activities

We organise regular retreats, where our diamond team spirit is built. Won’t you miss the next top event?

Continuous development

We give you a good orientation and a foundation for professional growth. We are constantly improving ourselves, supporting each other.

Quality tools

Quality work is an intermediate type of work. Whatever the job, you’ll have access to modern professional tools.


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