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Labour Market Market Market refers to a labour market service provided by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy

You know that the Labour Market Market is for all jobseekers, regardless of age, gender and educational background. In addition to jobseekers, the services of the Labour Market Centre are also used by many business people and employers in different sectors. The job marketplace serves every jobseeker when it comes to finding a new job or training place, or to obtaining information on any aspect of the world of work.

Which one of you has checked out the online Job Finder?

You can come to the Job Marketplace as both a jobseeker and an employer. As a jobseeker, you can create an interesting, factual and positively attention-grabbing job profile. As an employer, you have the opportunity to submit an informative and interesting job advertisement to the job marketplace. First, let’s look at the service offered by the Labour Market Monitor for you, registering as an employer. First, let’s look at how to create an effective and interesting job advertisement.

For the employer

A good job advertisement is functional and informative

  • An interesting job advertisement always consists of many elements, such as a clear and carefully written text with pictures, if any.
  • In addition to traditional text, a modern job advertisement can also contain a combination of video, text and image elements.
  • A “full job advertisement” includes an introduction to the company – and the future job description – and it is a good idea to mention the type of employment relationship as soon as you apply for a new employee.
  • The type of employment is either temporary, permanent, summer/traineeship or temporary replacement.
  • A good job advertisement also includes a description of the job description, the knowledge, skills and qualities required for the job, your educational background and work experience.
  • Last, but by no means least, there is information about the probationary period, the salary, who/where the job application is addressed to, the closing date of the job search and who will provide information about the future job description on behalf of the company.

The above is a “nutshell” of everything you need to know about writing the right job application, the basics of which the employer will already have, but the Job Marketplace offers “new tips and a new way to apply”.
a positive lift.”

As an employer, you can also easily get information and suggestions on jobseekers who match the requirements of the job description you offer in their day-to-day practical work. Best of all, people looking for a new job on can easily see the job advert you have posted and take the time to look at it when it suits them best. You can also return to the job advertisement as many times as you need. So what better place to advertise your job than the Job Marketplace – now a favourite for more and more jobseekers – conveniently online?

For jobseekers

Registering as a jobseeker is easy using the TE services’ own service. For personal customers, the My Account service is a website that brings together your data. It is easy to return to the site to find information about your job search and the work plan you have drawn up with the TE Office official.

Your job search profile is made up of your personal and unemployment insurance data, the job and training offers available/received and any labour market training you may have received. Labour market training is available in many fields, so if you are in need of additional training, for example, feel free to ask an official at the TE Office for more information. You can also check out the labour market training available online at any time!

The My Business service also provides information if you are interested in applying for start-up funding or want to submit a contact request to an official at the TE Office. You will be contacted by phone within a few days. By logging in to My Account, you can always check your current job search information in real time.

The Labour Market Market is at your service every day of the year

The Job Market is a great way to find more/new training or the job of a lifetime! Once you have created a job profile that matches your education/work experience and interests, you will receive job and training advertisements that are just right for you. Best of all, employers looking for a new employee can easily see your job search profile, your preferences for a new job description and your salary and working environment. So don’t delay any longer, check it out today and create your own interesting profile as an employer or future new employee!

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