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Welcome to, which offers you an interesting job as an appointment booker in our company. Have you ever visited Did you know that on you can find interesting and customer-oriented jobs, such as an appointment booker? The service provides up-to-date information on Taloturva group’s job vacancies. On this site you can also find information about Taloturva as a company and the vacancies and job vacancies offered by the company.

The Taloturva Group represents the nobility of workplaces!

As an employer, the Taloturva Group has received praise from other companies and partners, employees and leading experts in corporate culture. Success in business is important and it is achieved by training and valuing all staff in the workplace. The Taloturva Group does just that and has been recognised for three consecutive years for its approach. This is a company that is really worth applying to!

Taloturva Group was established in 2011 to provide quality plumbing repairs and HVAC services for single-family homes. Have you, your family or someone you know used the services of Taloturva Group? Now is the time to get to know us, as Taloturva Group is one of the best domestic employers. The ranking among the best employers has been selected by international experts Great Place to Work. Great Place to Work certification shows that a company has its values in place and a high work ethic towards customers, staff and partners. The Taloturva Group is a good place to work!

Jobs available without training

Is it still possible to find a job without training in the available vacancies? Yes, it is! In fact, the Taloturva Group has just such a job on offer – perhaps just for you! So let’s take a closer look at what the Taloturva Group has to offer, and in particular the popular job of an appointment booker.

Have you ever heard of the job of an appointment booker? This is a very interesting and customer-oriented job, where friendly and professional communication is very important. The appointment booker markets the services provided by the company to both existing customers and future potential customers. The scheduler works on a daily basis with owners of detached houses, identifies the HVAC needs of the houses and arranges appointments with potential customers for the Taloturva Group’s salespeople. Best of all, the appointment booker also builds up his or her own clientele to manage, and takes good care of them in the course of his or her work.

So what is the best thing about work, apart from the career opportunities and the meaningfulness of the job? Well, of course, nice colleagues, a motivating and supportive working environment and of course the salary! A motivated, top sales professional can earn up to €6670/month. Doesn’t that sound great? All you have to do is try it out for yourself and see for yourself how the job of an appointment booker works!

The work is done conveniently over the phone using a dialling system that suits the work of an appointment booker. The work is done either on-site at the company or, if you prefer, later on remotely.

What is required of an appointment booker?

A job as an appointment booker could be just the job you’ve always dreamed of! If you are a social person by nature and enjoy refreshing, knowledge-based communication with customers, then the job of an appointment clerk is made for you!

What skills does Taloturva Group want its employees to have? The job requires good, i.e. excellent communication and writing skills and previous experience of working in a telephone sales or customer service role.

The most important thing is that you are eager to learn and that you are motivated to achieve the results you want every day. If you want, Taloturva has a meaningful career path to offer you, which will bring you great success in addition to a top salary and a motivating working environment.

  • Neat indoor work with comfortable working hours

The timekeeper works at 09.00. – 17.00. between. The Taloturva Group office is located in the capital region, with excellent transport connections and accessible by all means of transport. Whether you come to work by train, walk, metro, bus, tram or eco-friendly bike, you can always make it! Taloturva Group is close to you, offering you the best job of your life! We welcome you to come and talk to us on site before starting work!

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Why should you apply for a job at Taloturva?

Good working atmosphere

With home security, the flap flies and everyone is encouraged. Often, our good atmosphere is already noticed in the job interview. We have been top-ranked in Great Place to Work® surveys for three years.

Competitive pay

We offer our employees a fair wage. Earnings also grow with experience and skills.


You can work part-time or full-time, depending on your circumstances. Telecommuting is also possible, depending on the job.

Recreational activities

We organise regular retreats, where our diamond team spirit is built. Won’t you miss the next top event?

Continuous development

We give you a good orientation and a foundation for professional growth. We are constantly improving ourselves, supporting each other.

Quality tools

Quality work is an intermediate type of work. Whatever the job, you’ll have access to modern professional tools.

Home security refreshments

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